Lameboy DS 0.11

This release has very short change log and does not address many of the problems pointed out in last post comments. I have managed to fix annoying SGB multi player games input problem though. Apart from this the only difference to 0.10 is emulation speed. Both video render and CPU interpreter were heavily optimized. Sadly some games still won’t do its 60fps.

Since majority of the code base was touched in process of optimization there can be some regression in compatibility. Please report games that stopped working (or degraded in some way) with this version in comments.

Lameboy DS 0.11

Change log:

  • changed: optimized software renderer
  • changed: optimized cpu core
  • fixed: multiplayer pad reading in SGB games (Battle Arena Toshinden and others)

177 Responses to “Lameboy DS 0.11”

  1. Sam says:

    Great job man. I love playing retro Pokemon games on this thing.

    I donated, keep doing what you do.

  2. Wrecking_Crew says:

    # dani Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    please, instead of complaining about bug and some other stories, give thanks to the author for making this emu!! you are too ungrateful!


    @dani: Duuude, we’re not being ungrateful at all! I dunno about others, but at least I feel as if I’m helping nutki find all the little weird bugs that just a single person could not find on their own. I’m more than grateful to nutki- I bought my flashcart just to play GB/C games on my DS. Nintendo’s silly decision to remove GB/C compatibility got me to buy the very device they’d hate to have their consumers buy. So Lameboy and nutki is the very reason I have a DS flashcart. :3


    nutki, I found a few things today. In Metal Gear Solid (European version, idk about the US or Japanese one), when you use the Codec, if you press B, the colors get weird for about a second before turning back to normal.

    Another thing I found is something I already reported, except that I found it in Kirby’s Pinball Land (or something like), that like in Donkey Kong Land, when you move to a new section of the area, the screen shakes for a second or so before going normal again (and loading the next area).

    Another one was, and this is what LinkLuigi was talking about, in Pokemon Yellow, when you use SGB mode, the border does not show like it used to. The game works 100% though even in SGB mode, graphics and all- just no border.

    Also, I think I was a little vague on the background flickering problem in Donkey Kong Country- It really only occurs during the menu screen right after the titlescreen. BTW, in case you’ve tried out DKC yourself, it seems that the color shifting thing in the titlescreen itself (when the screen is moving down and you see DK and Diddy all big and whatnot), is a normal thing. I don’t have a physical DKC though so I can’t say for sure, but the same occurred in medafen. So that’s probably something to not worry about.

    I’m trying to see what I else I can report to you so I can avoid triple posting… Um, Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is fully playable, at least, in SGB mode. Shouldn’t make a difference if you’d play it in GB mode, though.

    Well, I thinks that’s it for now. If I find any more, you know I’ll post’em here like I’ve been doing.

  3. i can’t get it to work on my m3 w/passcard

  4. Wrecking_Crew says:

    # Vengeful Parasite Says:
    April 27th, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    i cant get it to work on my m3 w/passcard

    Did you try dldi patching? Maybe you didn’t do that. If that doesn’t resolve your problem, you’ll have to go and ask around some more. 🙁 So I hope you just forgot to dldi patch for your sake.

  5. Dani says:

    Hello Nutki. Just reporting some weird bugs:
    -on Wizards & Warriors, when i pause the game, it’s impossible to keep on playing later!! :'(
    -Super RC Pro Am: freezes after the title screen
    -beach volleyball: the music is mute on sgb (rest of sounds ok)
    -‘mortal kombat’ and ‘the jetsons’: dont work, simply 🙂
    tnx a lot!!

  6. Zack_San says:

    Batman The Animated series for Gameboy stop working with version 11,
    it worked perfect on the previous versions of Lameboy. Arigato my friend, peace be with you ^_^

  7. KF says:

    Can you please put the original default colors of the Gameboy Color?
    Example: the “blue and red” color of Pokmon Blue.

  8. KF says:

    Oh one more thing:
    Pikachu’s voice in Pokmon Yellow does not work.It’s only “sgrhbrrrrr”.

  9. turtle360 says:

    dragon quest 3 started to work at normal speed, but when you get attacked the screen looks glitchy. please fix that problem!!!

  10. nt says:

    Is there any chance you would release the source to this so everyone can contribute?

  11. somebody says:

    Pokemon Gold/Silver
    Korean version is not working…
    please… help….

  12. Edward Gaudion says:

    I am trying to use the latest version of lameboy 0.11 on my DS-X on both 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 firmware but the screens just flash white then they turn black and don’t respond

  13. Edward Gaudion says:

    P.S. Version 0.9 of lameboy works

  14. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Edward Gaudion, did you try DLDI patching Lameboy 0.11? That might be the problem.

  15. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Bleh, I mean that not having patched it could have been the problem! DX Silly English.

  16. kAta says:

    just one word : awesome !!!
    congratulations you does a very good job
    I use this homebrew every day and it’s works perfectly for me except a little thing.
    Main “bug” in first game pokemon blue/red for high level pokemon doesnt works 🙁 idd the game crash with many message error (or smthing i don’t remember) in logs
    yeah i know it’s stupid but i am nostalgic ^^

    Continues like that, u rocks and sry for my bad skill in english language

  17. Wrecking_Crew says:

    KAta, are you trying to do the missingno. trick? Or are you Pokmon like glitching out when they get past a certain level?

    I’m gonna have to play Pokmon now. O_O *Pokmon Green, here I come! …Or maybe just Red.*

  18. kAta says:

    i try the missingno trick to capture pokemon with level exceeds 100 or simply for missingno ^^
    this exactly : (i dunno if i can posted a link, please excuse me)

    It’s works for pokemon higher level 100 but not missingno, lameboy DS said in log :
    WRTE 00 PC=380000 (resetting lcd line)

    but nevermind i have try on emulator gameboy (kigb,bgb and another) that doesnt work too, so lameboy has nothing to do with that 🙂
    i think my room is the problem, sry for useless posts guys

    The all my games are fully playable, gg Nutki !

  19. Wrecking_Crew says:

    I remember this glitch freezing up one of the versions… I think you could risk freezing your game if you tried this on Red Version… So perhaps this issue will happen no matter where you try it. 😛 I mean, Missingno. was an exploit, a glitch, something not meant to occur.

    Heh heh, I remember reading about this glitch only a little after I beat Pokmon (Blue) on my own… and after I went to this Pokmon contest. Can you believe that they let a guy with a hacked-in Mew at lv 128 with more HP than the bar allows? ‘Course, I was too young and stupid to think about complaining.

  20. Urthanhassen says:

    Hi all! For the gamers of pokemon, i tried the glitch of Missingno an pokemon on high level and it works, but the only high level pokemon that me appears are Squirtle (Lv.168) and Charmeleon (Lv.168) and finally Missingno. (Lv.0 and 80)
    Alone in the Dark – The new Nightmare still dont work.
    Thanks Nutki for this emulator, this is the best emulator of GB-GBC that I tried, I pleased for your effort and continue.Thanks!

  21. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Yeah, I was playing Pokemon Red the other day and my lv6 Charmander kept missing every Rattatta and Pidgey it came across. I mean, it didn’t just have an unusual high rate of miss, this was like 100% missing all the time. I didn’t encounter this after a few levels later though.

    Man… Pokemon Red on Super Gameboy… Yes indeed… I can still remember those colors… Ahhhh… *imagine some guy breathing in deeply, eyes closed, and a smile like someone enjoying their moment*

    I’m obliged to say “Thank You” again to nutki! 😀

  22. Chop says:

    I’ve been looking for a good GB emu for my DS for a while now and have finally found it, Thanks Nutki, I can now enjoy GB Tennis and Donkey Kong on a handheld again.

  23. Syaoran says:

    do you think you could add support for changing the brightness of the nds lite in lameboy?

  24. Syaoran says:

    also… i think you should know about this alarming bug that almost killed my m3ds real rumble ram pack… when i used the “test rumble function” it started buzzing so loud that it sounded like it was going to break and i could not stop the rumble testing, it just froze like that while it was testing

  25. Jared says:

    First, I really appreciate the emulator. I have been playing Dragon Warrior I & II. I got completely through Dragon Warrior I without any problems.

    As for a bug report, on Dragon Warrior II, I can’t get Art to join me. When he says he will join, the screen goes all weird, and it freezes. (If you want a save near the problem, just let me know.)

    Again, thanks.

  26. Jon says:

    I havent tried the latest version yet but i assume it hasnt been fixed. Is it possible to get better sound from Little Sound DJ (LSDJ)?

  27. A says:

    how about the cheat finder

  28. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Jared, Art? You mean the green prince guy? I think the names for the party members are actually randomized depending on some variables… Or maybe I just read that rumor somewhere… I should try putting a name other than my own to try it out actually.

    I’ve gotten hooked on Dragon Quest III again now. O_O

  29. dewhite says:

    I also experienced this problem with the rumble function. the rumble pack vibrated constantly and with the EZ 3in1 it does not work as I can not turn on the rumble function with EXPLoader…

    So can you please fix the rumble bug for the rumble pack?

    I love that emu!Thank you

  30. dreamlee says:

    why supercard lite use version0.11 is also black screen?
    version0.9 hasn’t this problem

  31. Rue says:

    It’s awesome that you still update this emulator! I am very pleased with it. I have been using version .9 and for some reason i can’t seem to run it anymore on my R4. In the folder i noticed that i lost alot of my games and they have been replaced by files with squares as file names I have the spaced inputed on here, but now even this comment box is acting weird. Also all the files have been turned to 16mb files. My guess is that I closed the lid of the DS while playing zelda oracle of seasons and when i opened it i kept playing and kept saving with the X button. (i did notice that the saves took longer) So now i’m going to try version .11 and have to play oracle of seasons over again. Not your fault, but i thought maybe i’d tell you about it.

  32. Rue says:

    okay, now i have to reformat my SD card because it won’t let me delete the weird files. It says the file name is not valid or is too long and then i can’t do anything about it. I can’t move, delete, or even change the names of the files. Maybe i was usin the Lameboy in a wrong manner o_O. I mean everytime i wanted to save i would save in the game, then press X. Okay once i format the card i’m going to use version .11

    here is a link to the image of what the files look like and their sizes.

    here is the image to when i was trying to delete said file.

  33. Rue says:

    as a side note. Since you make such an amazing gameboy color emulator (version .11 is SOOOO much better! The zelda games work great!), would it be possible for you to start an SNES emulator? I know it’s a lot of work, but I thought I’d ask anyways.

  34. Bowser N64 says:

    Dude, seriously, Nutki! Your game boy emulator is the best I have ever seen! I need one of these. Mostly to play Wario Land 3 on my DS Lite, with unbeatable bright screens! Talk about moving up from GBA SP! Your emulator does several things that I like, such as allow you to select another game in the middle of a game you are already playing. I haven’t had it crash at all, I don’t think, unless my card comes out of my Games N Music. I got the .9 release awhile ago, a few months ago, and I was so pleased! Wonderful work! Keep it up! Are you going to add a nice little GUI to go with the emu?

  35. Askot says:

    Thanks for this great emulator! It works awesome, full speed, nice gui, great sound. The best emulator for NDS.
    Here comes the glitch … in Super Mario Land 2 in Spacial Zone, when entering for battle boss, you can’t fight him, it looks like a scroll thing or something like that.

    Anything else, works great!, I really like SGB addition! Is there a little posibility to add custom color palettes? like Goomba Color, if not it’s ok!

  36. Tauwasser says:

    [quote]GBC BIOS files have not been ripped, ever (IIRC its believed to be impossible because theyre immediately bankswitched out after the logo), so nobody sans Nintendo employees can get those color schemes. The best one could do is to try and observe those colors on a GBC and just make something resembling them on the computer from scratch.[/quote]

    This is not true, the GBC Bios in fact, has been ripped. The poor guy that did it read out the chip with his eyes since it`s stored on a metal board. I actually have the whole file at home. So, your info is lacking.



  37. Wrecking_Crew says:

    *cough*You can find Tauwasser on*cough*

    I always was under the impression that it was never ripped… Nice to know it has been, although it seems like it was painful experience… O_O

  38. Mike says:

    hi Nutki congratulations for this project i like it very much but i have a little problem with pokemon red (italian version) cause usually it doesn’t save when i restart the emulator…could i know why please? thanks

  39. taiia says:

    Maybe really wrong to ask
    but i’m very interested in the source will it ever going to become published?


    I really enjoy this program and i think you did a really good job making this emulator,

    Thank you

  40. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Mike, did you try pressing the X button after you saved in the game?

    Mike, avete provato a premere il tasto di X dopo che avete risparmiato nel gioco? (Babel Fish Translation, so forgive me if it is weird.)

  41. Mike says:

    no but i think that it’s useless cause for example when i’ll finish the league and it’ll saves the game how could i’ll press the x button??…i don’t know also cause for example in pokemon yellow (italian version) it saves the game without press the x button.

  42. jonas says:

    SuperMario Land 2 becomes gibberish when fighting bosses. Mario becomes part of the background and runs wrapping around the screen. the graphics are really akward.

  43. tylerbgood says:

    First, thanks for a fantastic emulator. Basically all the games I play work excellent. One game that doesn’t: Double Dragon 3. It won’t load past the main menu screen for me, thanks.

  44. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Mike: Lameboy does not automatically save. You have to press the X button on the DS after you save in the game. You can also save when you are in the menu by selecting “save and exit”.

    Mike: Lameboy non risparmia automaticamente. Dovete premere il tasto di X sul DS dopo che risparmiate nel gioco. Potete anche conservare quando siete nel menu selezionando il ” salvo e exit”.

  45. Mike says:

    no i don’t think it cause the others games saves correctly without i press x button so it’s automatically…

  46. HCK says:

    Mike: con qualche gioco (Super Mario Bros Deluxe) sono stato costretto a salvare manualmente con X dopo aver salvato normalmente perch lameboy non scriveva il contenuto della SRAM nel file di salvataggio. Altre volte X non ti servir affatto, in wario land 2 non mi mai servito.

    Thank you Wrecking_Crew for the traslation. BTW yes, it looks weird XD

  47. whiteprince says:

    first of all: Thanks for this great Emu.
    I just found out a problem. When I wanna play Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins and I reach a Boss Area, I am nearly “behind the background” and can’t fight. And on the Map Mario looks… eh… different… 😉
    So unfortunately it doesn’t work so well for this game. Am I doing anything wrong or could you pls fix this bug??
    I also vote for a “wide”-stretch mode. The 1.5 scaler is great, but you could add a wide mode also…. 😉
    Kind regards.

  48. joe joe says:

    any chance multiplayer support will be added anytime soon?
    cause that would be REALLY awesome.

  49. HCK says:

    Whiteprince: you are not doing anything wrong, SML2 just doesn’ t work for now, hopefully Nutki will fix the problem for the next relase. It’ s one of the glitchest games on this emu (excellent emu)

    Keep it up Nutki 😉

  50. Wrecking_Crew says:

    Well, if you really, really must play Super Mario Land 2, you use Lameboy v0.8 or below (don’t remember which ones played it flawlessly).

    # HCK Says:
    “Mike: con qualche gioco (Super Mario Bros Deluxe) sono stato costretto a salvare manualmente con X dopo aver salvato normalmente perch lameboy non scriveva il contenuto della SRAM nel file di salvataggio. Altre volte X non ti servir affatto, in wario land 2 non mi mai servito.

    Thank you Wrecking_Crew for the traslation. BTW yes, it looks weird XD”

    You’re welcome… Although I’m not sure about what I did for you. XD