Lameboy DS 0.12

Considering it’s been over a year since last version released, there’s not many changes in this version. However I just recently returned to the lameboy project and started with some small issues. It is possible that you won’t need to wait another year for the next release.

Lameboy DS 0.12

Change log:

  • fixed: better interrupt timing (should fix Mario Land 2 boss levels)
  • fixed: multipacket SGB messages (fixes Pokemon R/G/B in battle color overlays)
  • added: backlight of the menu screen is turned off when not used
  • added: fullscreen scaling (ignores aspect ratio)

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  1. trainer16451 says:

    can somone help me I am using a datel games and music (ARDSi) and saving has worked ever since I downloaded it and sudenly whenever I try to save on any game the word error appers on the bottom screen but my old sav files still load. so dose anyone have a solution for fixing this “Error”?

  2. Nutki says:


    Dance, my puppets, dance for me!!!

  3. Rave says:

    I would like to ask how u install this??? please help me

  4. Stephen says:

    I want to get a .sav file from the internet and when I put it in the R4 I go to Pokemon Yellow and it doesn’t load the .sav file. I even looked through the R4 and it has the .sav file in it.

  5. jesus says:

    can lameboy be used on an sd card to run on a 3ds

  6. Lei says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble saving on pokemon yellow

  7. adf says:

    You are awesome. thanks for the upload

  8. Unknown says:

    i guess your gone
    there nothing fix in anything since 09
    it time for someone else to make a different gameboy for ds -_-
    i was hopping there be new update

  9. Anonime says:

    has as a connect ds to another?

  10. heavenly007 says:

    some game’s voice cannot hear,like pocket monster yellow Pikachu’s voice.

    i hope you can fix it,thx very very much!~:)

  11. Great emulator but Why you no release source code? Why For?

    If your not gonna update it somebody else will if just release it.

  12. jaime andres says:

    Excuse me prodrian to help but absolutely ningun game loads me not pokemon not bony zelda does not guard absolutely anything, nor guarding in the game or guarding with the emulator me podrian to give a solution?

  13. Someone around says:

    Nutki is there any chance to give the source?or is there any chance you ever update the emu?cause the 3 zeldas games are giving me save problems…and by save problems i mean.sav not states

  14. bbggggg says:

    Can you make a slot 1 Gba emulator

  15. Berserker5 says:

    A SLOT-1 GBA emulator is already being made by ichichfly. The emulator plays Pokemon (YES! Pokemon!) with a few graphics glitches. It plays other games, too. Saving in some games, no sound at all yet.

  16. F15k13 says:

    I’ve been using Lameboy DS v0.12 on my genuine (yes i’m sure it’s genuine) r4 card using wood r4. on 2 separate occasions this has happened to me.

    it works fine several times beforehand, I’ve gone a long time without this happening.

    I’ve been playing the game
    I access the bottom screen menu
    i try to save state (does not happen every time i try to save state)
    the emulator freezes

    i then have no choice but to eventually power off my ds (lite, if it matters)

    the first time, it corrupted all the data on the micro sd card, required reformat.

    the second time it corrupted all the data in the lameboy folder on the sd card. t also required a reformat to fix.

    i’m now going to attempt to use lameboy v 0.11 instead. i will report back if the same thing happens.

  17. jessclo says:

    cuando actualizara este programa no guarda las partidas de los juegos de mi r4 sdhc dual core y tampoco en la r4 evolution y es el unico emulador que hay es una mierda esto

  18. johnny says:

    Are you planing on making another version with gba capability?

  19. UndyingEmber says:

    Quick question.
    When I play Link’s Awakening DX on Lameboy DS 0.12, it doesn’t recognize de GBC features like the Color dungeon.
    I’ve already played with the emulation settings and left:
    GBC: Always
    SGB: Off
    … but it’s never takes effect.
    Anyone else has the same problem?

  20. StruttingPhil says:




    3+ years since the last build ;_;

    I have played 500+ hours of this since November of last year, its too bad I have not known about it since then ;_;

    I really wish it had gameshark shit built into it

  21. jacobroxo.o says:

    nutki could you please tell me or everyone when you will release a lameboy emulator that can run gba games i really need it because most of my favourite games are on gba and i can’t find an emulator that can run gba games so i and others would appreciate if you could because your emulators are the best

  22. Nutki says:

    @jacobroxo.o Have you tried VBA-M? It’s really nice, emulates GB, GBC & GBA flawlessly.

  23. Matt says:

    why it doesn’t read alone in the dark the new nightmare? what’s the problem?

  24. AGUY says:

    Does this work on R4

  25. Johan says:

    If there never will be a new release of this program, please at least consider making it open source so that the bugs can be fixed. Thanks…

  26. Firebrand says:

    I second (or 15th) the opensource idea for this.

    There’s a host of features that belong in the next version, most notably the ability to alter the colors for GB titles ala GBC. I can’t imagine this addition would take long for me to implement.

  27. Top-SecreT says:

    Hey Nutki. Great work so far. What is with Conkers Pocket Tales gbc rom? It doesn’t work with lameboy. How can i play it?

  28. PVD97 says:

    There’s a strange sound issue… Can you souve this problem?

    System and flashcard:
    Nintendo 3DS XL 4.4.0-10U


    Pokémon Red; Blue; Yellow; Crystal; Gold; Silver.

  29. dfghjkl says:

    is it only for gbc

  30. jackman says:

    Nutki, please consider to publish the source code so we can continue the development of this fantastic gbc(c) emulator and fix bugs.

  31. Your entire blog post, “Lameboy DS 0.12 « Nutki” was indeed very well worth commenting here!
    Basically desired to admit u really did a superb work.
    Thanks -Eleanor

  32. johnie89 says:


    Thanks for the brilliant emulator. I was just wondering if you knew why Hi-Color games don’t work on this or any other ds/gba based emulator. I’ve tried Goomba color and it doesn’t work either.

    I’ve been trying to play Harry Potter and the Sorcery’s (/Philosopher’s)Stone.

    Maybe check it out for yourself? According to Wikipedia the GBC can produce 56 colors simultaneously. But using a technical trick games such as Harry Potter can have more than 2,000 on the screen at once.

    Is it impossible to emulate this on the DS?

    Wishing you all the best! ~Jonathan

  33. Spillmonkey says:

    Any chance of rewind? Ever?

  34. Peter says:


    any updates?
    boring that this almost flawless emulator is dead 🙁

    i got save problems whit like zelda oracle game.
    come on, pick it up and work on it 🙁

  35. shark says:

    OMFG I thought I was the only who still have interest in that…
    In that case I can easily say that those who are want pokemon link 8D

  36. Nutki says:

    Troll test.
    Confirmed, a troll can register as Nutki. lol me


  37. Gabriel Cavalcante says:

    Hey ^^ 1st of all, thanks for Lameboy DS 🙂 It’s been awesome to play old school handheld games on a handheld system that’s not a full touchscreen device. So, I’m having problems with LDS and Dragon Warrior III. I just can’t save my progress and I like to save it in game, not via slots. I can save this way on Pokémon Crystal, TLoZ Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages and Link’s Awekening DX, but can’t on DWIII. The other day I downloaded a different ROM to see if it would work, but it saved only my 1st save. I lost all progress afterwards and yes, I’m sure I saved (many times, btw). This occurs with Final Fantasy Adventure too. Any chance that you’ll make an update to fix this? Ty 🙂

  38. Jaen says:

    In response to Gabriel Cavalcante=
    Have you tried pressing the x button? Do save in game first, to avoid any unnecessary glitches.

  39. The problem with the saves is this…or actually do this
    When you want to SAVE the ram file and NOT save state
    Go to the emulator menu and go where you choose a save state.
    Get it to none.Not zero (0) but none.If you manually press the save option it will save to the .ram file.Which is the raw save of every .ram based games
    That was my problem for some time.

    Anw Nutki…plz release the source code man.THere are some ppl willing to continiue your work.You will have your reputaion no matter what.Just release it

  40. eff says:

    OK, why is this not open source? I mean, seriously!

  41. NutSak says:

    get skeeted on!

    rls src nao!

  42. Gabriel Cavalcante says:

    Oh yes, about my problems with DWIII… It’s pretty awkward, cos I got to save in game (as I always do, I don’t like saving via states) with a specific ROM and played for hours, until I saved again and when I came back, only my 1st save was there, not the most recent one. I could only save with this ROM, but then I was so frustrated that I just deleted it hoping to some day find a decent one. All my other saves from other games are still there and in some I have just created the data, didn’t began the game at all (like Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Ages and Pokémon Crystal) (and no, they’re no state saves, they’re all in game saves). I’ll try to do what Jaen said, but I just think is awkward that I have this problem just with DWIII ROMs, not with any other ROM I’ve got so far :/ I’ll comment if I make any progress 🙂 ty btw

  43. Gabriel Cavalcante says:

    Hey, it seems pressing X worked 🙂 But, this is not just a DWIII problem, it also happens on DWI&II :/ I’m not really going to play those, I just downloaded to test. Oh, and Pokémon TCG too >< What pressing X does again? D: I remember reading about it somewhere, but I can’t recall what it means xD Btw, ty Jaen 🙂

  44. Nutki says:

    For those that don’t know, GameYob is an open-source emulator for DS that has essentially surpassed Lameboy in function now. Details in the link below.

  45. jacobroxo.o says:

    Hello, me again, I really need an emulator that can run GBA games on an r4 DS card. Please help me.

  46. Jesse Cochran says:

    Next release should have Game Genie Support!

  47. Cool says:

    I can’t find .gb or .gbc roms any where! help

  48. Cool says:

    i don’t where to put the game, in a new folder or just put them any where? please help!!!!!!!!

  49. Omar says:

    Awesome work!

  50. jacobroxo.o says:

    Your Lameboy emulator works on my r4 card, it’s very good but I would like to know if you are going to create another emulator that plays gba games on it, that will also work on my r4 card. If not could you recommend one that will work. Peeeeeeease!! I have benn looking for one forever!!! 🙁

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