Lameboy DS 0.12

Considering it’s been over a year since last version released, there’s not many changes in this version. However I just recently returned to the lameboy project and started with some small issues. It is possible that you won’t need to wait another year for the next release.

Lameboy DS 0.12

Change log:

  • fixed: better interrupt timing (should fix Mario Land 2 boss levels)
  • fixed: multipacket SGB messages (fixes Pokemon R/G/B in battle color overlays)
  • added: backlight of the menu screen is turned off when not used
  • added: fullscreen scaling (ignores aspect ratio)

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  1. comp illiteerate says:

    ccan sum1 give me a step by step process on how to put lame boy and gba games on the acekard 2i? I have a ds lite. having trouble, game not loading, i think im having trouble with the folder creation and stuff. ty

  2. Pingouin7 says:

    I’ve noticed the Japanese version of Pokémon Yellow does not work properly on Lameboy.

    You must know that this version is a .gb while the US version is a .gbc
    So when it loads, it will load the SGB data.

    However, when it tries to load SGB, it fails and displays a black screen. Sound still works, though.
    If you loaded another SGB game before it, the game will display the colors from the previous game, but there won’t be any SGB frame.

    If you turn off SGB mode, the game will work.
    Except SGB mode cannot be turned off permanently.
    When I turn it off, even if I save the settings, when I turn it back on the next time, it will load SGB even though it’s turned off.
    I always have to exit game and turn SGB on, then back off for it to work.

  3. batrak says:

    Sorry, but I have messed with your WordPress and you can’t even login, so…


  4. eadmaster says:

    Was the source code released somewhere?
    I’d like to do some little changes in the emulator (adding palettes, hotkeys, etc.)

  5. nonny says:

    Any chance of getting the graphical corruption from the Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone fixed? It’s the one and only game that I want to play but don’t want to have to dig out my GBC to be able to play just 1 game.

  6. Rashira says:

    I hate to say it……

    Hoevever I think it is safe to say that this project is dead…….

    Very sad…..

    R.I.P lameboy….


  7. Matt Eriks says:

    I really like te 0.12 ;). The only thing missing now is to hav te color selectim you had when you played gb games in a gbc/gba. I hope it comes in the 0.13.

  8. Tom McCullough says:

    I recently downloaded your newest version of lameboy and i have found out that it does not play gameboy advance which is very disappointing and rather shit

  9. alessandro says:

    Considering that Lameboy is based on a gameboy emulator and it is not called Lameboy Advance, there are a lot of clues right there.

    I hope Nutki will return…

  10. iwillnotsay says:

    ok then what about conker pocket tail. i use to play that when i was a kid and i like the game alot. but it does not work on lameboy. works on gba emulator but not lameboy. hate to sound like this but you think you could get it to work plz ty.

    all so nice work on the emulator plays just about all games with no errors

  11. Ronald Freehorn says:

    Hi i was playing pokemon yellow the other day and i noticed that when the pokemon screech it goes all fuzzy expesially pikachu

  12. Alex says:

    will we ever see action replay support on lameboy?

  13. Martel says:

    at batrak:

    …Wait, what? Did you mess up Nutki’s account on purpose or something? Why would you do something like that? Is this why we haven’t heard from Nutki yet?

  14. batrak says:

    at Martel:


  15. Alex says:

    thank you very much for this awesome program!!!

  16. DaVince says:

    I’m sure batman is just spouting nonsense.

    So, it’s been more than a year and still no release. What’s up? Is there a reason you stopped working on it (which I assume is the case)? If so, why not release the source code so people can continue to improve this awesome program?

  17. DaVince says:

    “I recently downloaded your newest version of lameboy and i have found out that it does not play gameboy advance which is very disappointing and rather shit”

    No, it isn’t. This is quite obviously a GAMEBOY emulator, not a GAMEBOY ADVANCE one. And it’s doing a REALLY good job at emulating GB games (near-perfect).

    If you want GBA, use a slot 2 device.

  18. batrak says:

    to DaVince:

    How dare you call me batman? Do you even know who batman is? This only demonstrates your inability to read even the most simple things.

  19. Matt says:

    Anyone ho plays pkmn crystal can try to states-save their game

  20. Matt says:

    If you have stop’d udgrading LameBoy please tell us

  21. Rashira says:

    To Batrak:

    Just to get this straight….it is probably YOUR fault there hasn’t been a new release?!?!?!?

  22. jim says:

    i’m having a problem saving the game. lameboy seems to work fine and everything when i’m playing gbc games, but when try to save it from the bottom screen on lameboy, it freezes up right after i press ‘save’. the save in-game is able to save, but it won’t load.

    anyone know how to fix this and make it save?


  23. Adam Hirst says:

    An excellent homebrew. The fixes from this release make all of _my_ GB(C) dumps work without any perceptible flaws.

    Like many others, I would be over the moon if features such as Link-Cable and IR-Port emulation over N-Fi were to be implemented. Of course, I can imagine that these are either difficult or time-consuming to implement. Or both.

    It’s a shame it’s had to be over a year since the last update, I can only assume that something to do with either work, family, or health had played a part in this. To this end, I wish nutki all the best.

    @ jim: Depending on how I comprehend what you said, it sounds (to me, at least) that you might have some kind of MicroSD corruption going on. What brand/class/size MicroSD do you have, and with which games does this occur?

    The first thing I’d personally do, would be to back up your MicroSD, look in your GB ROMs folder for any suspicious-looking save/save-state files, and delete them. I’d then reformat the MicroSD with the Panasonic SD Formatter (making sure to turn all the options to “full” or “on”), and copy everything back. Then I’d give it another go.

  24. batrak says:

    I am just a noob don’t listen to me.

  25. Martel says:

    at batrak

    Actually, it bothers me how little people seem to have noticed what you said and instead keep bugging Nutki for an update.

  26. Shmiki says:

    What kind of dick would prevent somebody from accessing their own site?! Martel, I totally agree. It’s pretty pathetic that everybody’s far more concerned about their own petty problems. Batrak: Congratulations on being on of the biggest dicks I’ve ever encountered.

  27. Heiner says:

    So the project still on????

  28. Zach says:

    Please do not download. I had this on my ace kard and i was playing a safe pokemon game. i turned it off and everything but this got erased, and it said that it was full. i had to reformat my micro sd. Repeat! DONT! DOWNLOAD!

    Tag: Virus
    it may not be a virus.

  29. Sander says:

    @comp illiteerate

    just put the lameboy.nds file on your micro sd and put some games in it.
    gba games dont work with lameboy.
    only gb/gbc if i am correct.

    and it seems like the project is dead so there wont be a update i geeus.

  30. Martel says:

    at Zach:

    I had the same problem, except that my SD card never said it was full, it just randomly erased files. I thought it was a problem with the SD card or with my cart (Ninja DS), but now that you said it happened to you too I’m not so sure anymore.

  31. Adam Hirst says:

    Ah, I’ve actually noticed that rumble doesn’t work with an EZ-Flash 3in1+ device. Fair enough, I can’t recall when that revision came out, but it’s recent and you probably just never noticed it happen.

    It’s probably (hopefully) a relatively small device recognition addition in the base code, so I could see it happening in a version or two. If only most things worked like this.

    But yes, it’s been a shame that there’s been no more news on this since last year. Again, best wishes.

    Zach, not sure, but it sounds as if you’re MicroSD is corrupted. Are you 100% sure that it isn’t a ‘fake’, or that it was formatted correctly in the first place?

  32. leeb says:

    Mario Golf has crashed on me a few times, and now I somehow lost my save after a crash.

  33. Lameboy Fan1 says:

    can you make a version that you can add cheat codes or something please thank you.

  34. Ben says:

    It erased every file starting with a letter higher than C, and all folders from my daughters DS. Very upset daughter.

  35. Alex says:

    Would you please fix “Tomb Raider” cutscenes? They´re all messed.

    And thanks for this amazing emulator.

  36. Chase says:

    Do not get this Emulator!!! It is absolutely the worst! Save files can’t be accessed, and the games are always laggy!

  37. draco says:

    plz fix pokemon yellow pikachu cry

  38. Stef says:


    Just want to say your shit is gold.

    That Gameboy Emulator is the bomb.

    I love the menu and the save states, the image scaling and everything.

    Great job!

  39. TheX says:

    Hello you guys need to Press x to save…

  40. RM says:

    Yeah, I have a problem with Mickey’s Racing Adventure For GBC. on the overworld, it’s fine, but when I enter any race in any area, The game crashes and the screen garbles. Please fix on version 0.13, Nutki, this game IS my childhood!

  41. karbat says:


  42. Thumbsy says:

    Using this in combination with a M3 DS Real and it’s working great…
    But a year has passed and not a single sign of Nutki.
    It would be very nice to at least know if you are still watching your wordpress…

  43. James says:

    I like your emulator but it needs loads of improvements! Sometimes when I save, my whole DS turns off! One time I was playing for hours and hours and I went to save and it turned my DS off! I went back and turns out that my save file was corrupted! It wan’t very smart of me not to make backups but I didn’t so please make a 0.13 and help us all! Thanks


  44. Yohko86 says:

    Wow, it’s been a real long time since an update…I hope the project’s not dead because this is the BEST GB/GBC emulator I’ve ever used! It works GREAT with my M3i Zero/M3 GBA Expansion Pack combo!

    What would possibly help with the lag in some games (i.e. some GBC ones) would be to utilize some memory from a Slot-2 device since they’re already used to add extra memory to make GBA games run at proper speeds. But that would probably be too time-consuming to integrate into the programming anyway…

  45. DarioEMeloD says:

    We need auto-save, and different speeds when frame-skipping!
    And pause the game when you open the menu would be great too =)

  46. Jonez says:

    NO update?
    You promised!

  47. Noqualms says:

    Are you going to release a GBA Emulator???

  48. Thumbsy says:

    Also, if you still intent to continue development, would you please take a look at the game ‘Tweety’s Highflying Adventure’? lameboy can’t seem to boot it. Thanks.

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