Lameboy DS 0.12

Considering it’s been over a year since last version released, there’s not many changes in this version. However I just recently returned to the lameboy project and started with some small issues. It is possible that you won’t need to wait another year for the next release.

Lameboy DS 0.12

Change log:

  • fixed: better interrupt timing (should fix Mario Land 2 boss levels)
  • fixed: multipacket SGB messages (fixes Pokemon R/G/B in battle color overlays)
  • added: backlight of the menu screen is turned off when not used
  • added: fullscreen scaling (ignores aspect ratio)

563 Responses to “Lameboy DS 0.12”

  1. fAds says:

    Deader than death.

  2. Hello, just doing some research for my Pokemon site. Lots of information out there. Looking for something else, but interesting page. Cya later.

  3. icebeg says:

    Is this project totaly dead? been well over a year and the current .12 does not work with LSDJ!!

    A + left/right in the phrase editor of the demo of LSDJ does not work!!
    When you stop playbakc the sound isnt reset by the command sent from LSDJ, lameboy ignores it for some reason.

    It’s sad because this seemed like a good emu but it’s falling short on the only app I wanted to run.

  4. kol999 says:

    it doesn’t run gameboy advaced games!!!!!!!! it run only gameboy color games!

  5. Oveneise says:

    @ Kol999

    Well no shit it only runs Gameboy Color/GB games. You CANT emulate slot-2 gba on a slot 1 cart, its impossible, due to the lack of ram and other technical difficulties. If you really want to play GBA games, I’d suggest you get an Ez Flash IV. You can get one from,’s official store. As far as I can tell, this project is dead, but at least it died with a decent compatibility rate.

  6. fAds says:


    Why can’t anyone of you guys read the About section? It mentions that this is a GB/GBC emulator, not a GBA one.

  7. Congratulations says:

    Happy new year, everyone.

  8. Rald says:

    Pokemon crystal sometimes does not work

  9. Jon says:

    @Rald That would be your rom not the emu, try a different rom.

  10. Chris says:

    Well there are certain Slot 1 cards that can run GBA games (Example: Supercard DSTWO)

  11. thom_ass says:

    hi when come the next release?
    or is lameboy dead?
    and come cheats?

  12. seanph says:

    I have Metroid 2 color. I can not get the saving to work. Any suggestions?

  13. Morshu says:

    When you start a game where you have a save file from using lameboy’s own save, it automatically loads that save state when you start the game, making it impossible for you to access the start menu of that game, is there any way to disable it?

  14. Kriwarg says:

    Help… i can’t patch lameboy 0.12 with DLID 0.32….

  15. Trish says:

    Works like a dream with my acekard! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you SO MUCH for creating this. I’m old enough to have an original gb when it was brand new and I had missed playing a lot of the games. thank you again!

  16. dan says:

    so, is this still being worked on? cus im having issues with pkmn yellow

  17. ElderKain says:

    It would be awesome if there was Gameshark support in LameboyDS.
    For DS games, on AKAIO shell there is cheat support which supports actionreplay cheats int he DS games, but that don’t work with LameboyDS. So it would be neat to be able to use Gameshark codes for like GB/GBC games.

    For example. I’m playing Pokémon Red and since the regular trading capabilities are un-gettable with that game on the DS/DSi, then the only way to get the ones that either require trades to obtain, it kinda impossible with LameboyDS without the capability of cheats.

    So something like a Gameshark feature would be really needed for some games played on LameboyDS to get the full game experience.

  18. PKMNgamer says:

    Too bad this died… I still can’t run Pokemon Red on R4, and that was an amazing game.

  19. ElderKain says:

    I play Pokemon Red just fine on my Acekard 2i. I’ve heard of lots of problems with R4. that’s why I got an Acekard 2i.

  20. rodrichu says:

    could someone make a lame boy version with cable link option!?
    it’s just not impossible like the nds have wifi connection, wireless…
    if someone knows how to make one, edit or something help please!

  21. kay says:

    It Open only Gbc i checked out Can you fix this then it works perfectly

  22. Bunie says:

    Nutki needs to give out the source and information, and we could hope someone picks this up and continues its legacy.

  23. Thenn says:

    Hi there!
    Lameboy didn’t work on my DSi with EZ-FLASH Vi, Anybody knows why? Thank you!

  24. Verres says:

    Hi there!
    Lameboy didn’t work on my DSi with EZ-FLASH Vi, Anybody knows why? Thank you!

  25. KENSHIN says:

    I very like the original color of GB,but in lameboy0.12 I can’t turn the SGB mode off(pokemon bule,pokemon red),what a pity。

  26. Jolugoro says:

    Seriously … Nutki is dead? It takes time to not respond to any comment and the truth that is worrying … There are projects that are slow to update, but this is too much. If Nutki is well would be nice if at least tell us something. Greetings to all and to him, of course.

  27. i512 says:

    maybe contacting these guys to see what’s going on with the project.

  28. Free user says:

    Well…fack off guys??
    what do you expect? there many other things that im sure he has to attend in his life…so play with what you have…geez

  29. Jolugoro says:

    To Free user:

    Measure your words moron. We know that this software IS FREE, but this does not mean that some feel concern, and there’s lots happening and we are all human. While some LIKE YOU are well below the pigs. Do not worry, there are more like you, but not many. A greeting to all educated people who participate in this forum.

  30. Kaka says:

    Since this project has not been updated in a long time, are there any thoughts on making this open source for others to continue development? I’d really appreciate that especially since something so great should not die out. I’m sure you can see my email and you can contact me from there.

  31. Nutki is a whore says:

    Nutki is a whore
    Super Mario land
    is not work
    Pokemon blue is not work
    Nutki i s a whore
    Kiss my ass

  32. Nutki is a whore says:

    Nutki is a son of a whore
    DS Boy Perfect Compatability
    perfect sound
    multiplayer support
    emulate gba in 100 percentage
    without frameskip

  33. Nutki is a whore says:

    I say in polish . If you don’understand me translate this with google translate.
    Ty huju nie kochany skurwysynie w morde bity zjebie pojebany .
    Zgiń skurwysynie.

  34. Nutki says:


    If you don’t like my software, suit yourself.

    But to come here, guarded by the anonymity shroud internet provides, insult my emulator and yell profanities to and fro, you sure have some nerve. By the way, learn english!


    I have been very busy with RealLife TM stuff and couldn’t post before (someone locked my account by messing with the admin login panel), but I have been working on this project ocasionally. I will release the source code of the emulator ONLY if I lose interest in it.

  35. Jolugoro says:


  36. gbfan says:

    Please uptade this project and add wi-fi multiplayer mode and optimize cpu for GTA and GTA2

  37. Kornfed says:

    I love the work you’ve done, this program does work flawlessly on Action Replay DSI through a micro SD card. I had to download DS Organize and patch it with a DLDI but there’s a youtube video that goes through how to do it step by step. I just want to know if it’s possible to get an action replay dsi to run gba roms. I’ve heard yes and i’ve heard no so I want to hear it from a pro.

  38. Matt says:

    Hey Nutki, you’ve made an awesome emulator! I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t released its source though. May I know why you’re reluctant to release it, even if it’s not dead? I’d love to do some messing around with it…
    Kornfed, you need either a slot-2 card or an iPlayer to run gba roms. (the iPlayer has some extra horsepower required for emulation)

  39. RoboponRox says:

    hey, i’ve been trying for ages to play Robopon Run Version, and i’m having NO luck. do you know why? it just says “loading” then goes back to the Lameboy screen. i’m getting really upset, and i just want to play it. if you could tell me how to fix this that would be awesome.

  40. RoboponRox says:

    oops, i ment “Sun”, not “Run”

  41. Kaka says:

    Thanks for responding and I totally respect your answer.

    @Nutki is a whore
    Get over yourself dude and stop advertising. If you have nothing good to say, then GTFO.

  42. unknown says:

    wondering when the new Lameboy
    that is Compatibility Emulator
    run like the real gameboy or gameboy color
    it been 2 year already since the last update
    the save file or the other stuff
    need to be fixs and more
    so hook me up or anyone that matter

  43. unknown says:

    oh yeah
    Gameshark support
    Perfect file sav that will let you keep on playing from the last played at bc somehow all games always start new game each time when you wanna play from you last off at
    Almost Great sound with any games
    so many more
    if it could be done

  44. d(^_^d) says:

    NUTKIIIIII…. I’m happy to see you are still around 😀 but really, you oughta make an announcement once in a while, just to let people know you haven’t abandoned the project yet ;] but nonetheless, good to see you’re still fiddling with the emulator, I hope there’ll be an update soonish 😛

  45. flobbadob says:

    if anyone is having trouble with r4 and pokemon red, try using the .nds version of r4 wood. I have a clone r4 (sdhc) and using r4 wood then using lameboy works. btw thank you very much for the person who made this app 🙂

  46. Joe says:

    Nutki, have you considered hosting this project on Google Code? It would certainly make bug feedback a lot easier if you’re willing to listen to it.

  47. i512 says:

    Is this even the real Nutki ?

  48. 42435453 says:


  49. Koala says:

    Hey Nutki, in case you ever release a new version (which would be awesome), you should know that the game Deja Vu does not work with Lameboy. I hope you find the time to fix it some day. Thanks!

  50. SuperMarioGuy says:

    hi im having a problem with SML2 the pumpkin zone just takes me back to the title screen the second i enter it any help?

    im using Datel’s Games and Music card

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