Lameboy DS 0.12

Considering it’s been over a year since last version released, there’s not many changes in this version. However I just recently returned to the lameboy project and started with some small issues. It is possible that you won’t need to wait another year for the next release.

Lameboy DS 0.12

Change log:

  • fixed: better interrupt timing (should fix Mario Land 2 boss levels)
  • fixed: multipacket SGB messages (fixes Pokemon R/G/B in battle color overlays)
  • added: backlight of the menu screen is turned off when not used
  • added: fullscreen scaling (ignores aspect ratio)

563 Responses to “Lameboy DS 0.12”

  1. corine says:

    Lameboy didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt work with DSTTi ? I don’t know why !!!

  2. gabey says:

    Will there ever be a Lameboy Advance for GBA games on the DS?

  3. Nutkimpostor says:


    U JELLY?

  4. ikaken says:

    gracias por el emulador.

  5. Alex Sander says:


    I use lameboy with my Nintendo DS fat. The game 1942.gbc crashs ( fix blanc screen ) after third or fourth level played. Thansks

  6. Shugouchiha says:

    can someone give me a visualboyadvance that works with lameboy 1.7.2 doesnt work ๐Ÿ™

  7. Ihacheodobleuveeneahacheoereesee says:


    U mad, bro?

    Original Lameboy = Windows
    This Lameboy = DS

    What’cha doin’ with VBA?

  8. Michael says:

    Just wanted to comment that it is not working for me. (R4i Gold-DSi XL) Tried patching it manually aswell but that didn’t work, think it might be because I am using wood firmware and not the R4 firmware but have not tried it yet because I do not want to lose all my settings, will back everything up later and try it.

    Probably been a long while since someone has commented with issues but still giving it a try.

  9. Ratismal says:

    How can you patch it it to run on a AR DSi? Is this even possible?
    Whenever i run it, it shows a white screen that turns black within a second. I tried using it un-patched, and then tried patching it with the “Default (No device)” patch from Chishm. Is that the right patch, and if not, which patch should I use?

  10. papiJoy says:

    espero en Dios que sarga pronto una nueva atualizacion de este tremendo emulador por favor mucha gracias soy de republica dominicana

  11. p00k1 says:

    can anyone actually play pokemon trading card game on lameboy? its not working for me and ive dl’d like 3 different roms of it. :\

  12. lolo says:

    I wonder how is now with current project? If you ever plan to next release I have a favour to you. Could you add different color palette to sprite and background (for example green background and red sprite like in goomba GBA version). Second thing is about, is it posibble to enhance view outside the frame, for some games it gives nice effect. Third thing is associate x,y keys to fast save, load. Anyway thank for your hard work and that all you’ve done. Cheers!

  13. BENJAMMIN says:

    HEY EVERYONE! This was designed for the original 2004 Ds and DS Lite. The DSi uses a whole different menu.

  14. Cat says:

    Hey guys. This works fine for me on my DSi XL. I’m using an Acekard 2i with the 3DS 2.1 / 1.4.3 update and AKAIO 1.8.7. Try it and see. The Lameboy software is great. Thanks.

  15. hen says:

    i have the last lameboy but i don’t know how can i put games, someone can help me?

  16. JuanCarlos says:

    Funciona En Mi DSi Amigos Lo Probe Con En Megaman EXTREME y Todo Legal Recomendado

  17. Jonez says:


    just make a GBC rom folder on your sd card by right mouse click ‘new’ => ‘new folder’

    after that dll your roms and put the .gb or .gbc file in that folder. After that put LameBoy in the same folder.

    Then run lameboy and search for the folder with your roms and pick out a game and you are free to go!

    Kind regards,


  18. seth says:

    i downloaded flash cart OS and i havent had any problems with the emulator except worms armegedon wont work get flash cart from filetrip.

    hope i helped bye.

  19. nachfrag says:

    nesds now has multiplayer, would be great if lameboy would get that feature too

  20. dreaMMar says:

    @hen and Jonez

    Put Lameboy.nds in the root of your SD card (or in a folder Apps)
    Make a folder LAMEBOY, put it in the root of your SD card
    Put your gb and gbc files in folder LAMEBOY
    Start Lameboy.nds and you will see your gb an gbc files.
    If you want you can also make LAMEBOY folder hidden (on your computer) then it won’t show in your flashcard menu.

  21. chelou says:

    hello i have tried everything to save pokemon any version but i cannot for some reason, i have tried savestates the dont work, have tried sram doesnt work either, well the thing is that lets say i save sram then i reset the rom the save is still there and it work. but when i turn my ds lite off and on again it keep says that my pokemon savefile is corrupted. can someone help me please

  22. mike fox says:

    im having issues to save, i puxh x after saving in game then i exit, but when i come back to it it sais my game has been deleted and i am forced to start over in the game

  23. Eddie says:

    Overall an excellent emulator, but there is one little glitch that I encounter with pokemon yellow.

    When you press ‘A’ from the pikachu screen to enter the menu to continue the game all I get is a short burst of static instead of ‘pika!’, and the same happens whenever you talk to pikachu ingame. It is nothing major but any help on how to fix it would be welcome.

    BTW the ‘pika’ sound works in Visualboy so it is not the rom’s fault.

  24. Dracula says:

    I tried playing Pokemon Crystal as a female character and saved the game.
    On reset, when I load up the game, my character was displayed as Male. No matter how I reload the game, my saved character is still displayed as male.

    I copied the save file and load it with VBA/no$gba, it was displayed as female correctly.

    You might want to review the code on Loading Save files again, There might be a bug somewhere.

  25. loco so high says:

    So if you ask me, the Lameboy is 0.12 in my view, almost perfect.
    I operate more than 100 games on the emulator, and almost all of them. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But for some reason, most GBC games still have very strong issues which affects the sound and picture reproduction.
    I am now five GBC games as an example.
    1st Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword: This game has massive disturbances in picture and sound
    (it only comes rushing out) you can not even see the menu ….
    2nd Duke Nukem: The game has been somehow lost the menu.
    You will not see the game or restart its progress can be loaded.
    3rd Shantae: If you leave a house or presses the pause button, you get a very unpleasant sound interference which one is doing in your ears hurt. But otherwise, it runs reasonably smoothly.
    4th Perfect Dark: At first you think it was okay but at least if you start playing you realize that the sound is completely missing in some places …
    5th Conker’s Pocket Tales: The game is a total loss! It is only a black screen and no more … : (
    I hope that one day the Lameboy 0.13 comes out and therefore my work Top five GBC games.

  26. Zee says:

    My lameboy DS V 0.12 is only running GBC games and not GBA. I’ve got the new R4i 3DS card which is supposedly compatible with all DS models. Pls help

  27. Melkor says:


    Lameboy only runs Gameboy and Gameboy Color roms. A lot of people complain of not being able to play GBA roms, but they don’t seem to comprehend that this is a GB/GBC exclusive emulator.

  28. FR says:

    I can’t seem to get Metroid II to play with the SGB color palette. It’s always in monochrome GB color regardless of the option selected for GBC (with SGB on of course).

  29. Sammy says:

    The lameboy works with WOOD R4(if u dont know what WOOD R4 is it makes new games work, basically it patches everything for u same way it patched my lameboy) almost perfectly its just that some games dont work like…….
    conkers pocket tales
    street fighter II
    dragon ball z gokuu gekitou
    Kirby’s tilt n tumble

    But like all the Zeldas and Metal gear solid work fine

  30. Shay Legacy says:


    Please fix this, I beg of you or tell me how to fix this problem !!

  31. Byrjas says:

    Thank you guys, if you could work out a GBA version of this on R4, you would rock the universe. . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Biokinton says:

    Hi Nutki,

    Just wanted to add my voice to those of your many supporters and express my gratitude for your hard work in giving the world Lameboy. Being able to spark up my DS and play a round of Kirby’s Pinball Land, trudge around Koholint Island in Link’s Awakening and blast Biokinton out of the sky in Super Mario Land never fails to put an enormous smile on my face. So from me, and all the others out there who like pretending they’re 10 years old again but don’t go online to tell you so, THANK YOU. You continue to make all of us very, very happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. bloblan says:

    Im just 15, but man, I grew up playing pokemon yellow using a GBC emulator on a windows 95 pc.
    Now, lameboy makes me remember those days when I tried to get a few glitches to work on pkmn yellow (they don’t. they work only on pokemon red/blue).

    Thats why I tell you: Thank you

  34. a guy i guess says:

    euuhhh, when i played pokemon yellow on my nintendo ds lite.
    the game freezes, so i restart my ds. and it coun’t find the menu.

    so, i stick it into my pc and all my games are gone in some rare filetypes what no pc in the world can read not even an mac.

    thanks alot lameboy.


  35. Olvido says:

    thanks for your wonderful job i wish this year we can see a new version or the final : ร‚ยฌ)

  36. Manuel says:

    I’m praying for a new release this year. I hope the issues with save states and pokemon games will be fixed (in my experience, sometimes the saves don’t work and sometimes loading save states freeze the games).

  37. mitchell little says:

    can u play gbc and gba hacked roms using lameboy on r4ds

  38. napo says:

    i can’t play every game on my lameboy 0.12
    -pokemon leaf green
    -fire red
    -power ranger ninja storm
    -dino thunder
    -wild force

  39. To all of the incomprehensible idiots


    It plays original Gameboy and Gameboy Color games ONLY!

    Also @a guy i guess

    It’s more than likely you have a faulty micro sd card
    or you downloaded a hacked rom which screwed up
    your card. I’ve never had any problems with Lameboy
    and I’ve been using it since version 0.10.

  40. Retrogamer says:

    i’ve just tried it, and it plays greatly with many games!
    but why Avenging Spirit doesn’t have sound???
    please, fix that problem, and it’s not the only one that doesn’t have sound (lock n’ chase, pacman)

  41. DiabloStorm says:

    Please update, as others have mentioned there is no sound for Kid Dracula. I’m a Castlevania freak so I need this game to work properly even though it’s a spin off.

  42. crazytracy says:

    Thanks man. Finally can play all the games I purchased before on DS. Games like Boxxle and so on.


  43. Berserker5 says:

    @rchuncleskeleton Actually, a GBA version of Lameboy has been made by ichfly.
    It’s currently alpha, and only supports homebrew GBA roms under 2mb at this state. It’s an entry for the GBATEMP Homebrew Bounty.

    Think twice before calling people who DID NOT KNOW “incomprehensible idiots”.

    It works with DS-mode too, despite the title, though it’s VERY SLOOOOOOOOOOOW in DS-Mode unless you have a DSTwo.

  44. maurice says:

    i need some help i can play all gameboy games but i cant save what can i do for a savefile.

  45. rac says:

    i think the problem with pokemon not learning moves when they evolve in pokemon red only happens when the game is going fast speed because i fastforwarded through my caterpie and metapod evolutions and got nothing, but my gyrados learned bite when it evolved

  46. Reaper says:


  47. Filco says:

    Great homebrew software! I would appreciate it if Mr.Driller’s sound could be fixed as mentioned in a post above. The problem is that there’s no sound at all. Seeing as there hasn’t been an update in a very long time chances are slim this will ever be fixed, but I can still hope. Again thanks for the hard work!

  48. gianlisboa says:

    hey, i have a doubt over here. when i play gameboy color games on lameboy, i save the game for the first time and it works, but when i save the game again it doesnt works. the only save that works is the first time i save it! why this happens?

  49. monkish says:

    come on, Nutki. why not release the source code? the emulator is already pretty good but it’s obvious that there are bugs, and it’s also obvious you guys won’t be coming back to iron them out. so why not release the code so that others could help perfect this emulator?

    i think that’s pretty shitty not to release it when you guys aren’t going to release anymore updates.

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