Status update

There’s been a while since last Lameboy release, so I will give you some idea what is happening now. Also I would like to thank all you guys supporting this project on various forums. Especially Wrecking_Crew (for numerous bug reports thanks to which you have fully working Zeldas), DanTheMan (for PHWiki page) and sonicandtails (compatibilty list).

So what’s happening to Lameboy DS now. Recently I don’t have so much time for development but some things changed from 0.8. My main goal at this step is to obtain reasonable compatibility before I go to some optimizations or new features. The only new feature in next release will be probably real time clock for Pokemon games which is actually already done. I have also already did about 5 compatibility patches that make many games playable, most notably Wario Blast input problem (thanks again Wrecking Crew) and Pokemon Crystal graphic glitches and Bubble Bobble. Currently I am working on Pokemon Pinball crashes.

Lastly some comments on sugested features:

  • custom classic GB colors – planned
  • custom border – possible
  • SGB borders and coloring – planned (quite complex to do and not very fun, but the result would be nice)
  • better/bilinear upscaling – not really likely to happen as current full screen feature is a hardware thing and there is no processing power to do software scaling with fancy algorithm. on the other hand I will not remove this feature because some may like it (although I agree with Harshboy that is looks bad)
  • emulated link/IR port feature – planned (although hard to do unless someone else do generic ad-hoc networking for libwifi or libnds first, and also I would need to get my hands on another NDS)
  • GS/GG codes – planned, fairly easy but I am afraid that full implementation would ruin performance (at least when emulated the way VBA does)

If I forgot something or you have other suggestions feel free to comment.


Lameboy DS 0.8

To celebrate Lameboy Devlog grand opening here comes new release featuring initial sound emulation. You cannot turn it off yet, but it always possible to turn it down by hardware volume control. Also you can forget about X button annoyance, just return to rom menu for autosave.

Lameboy DS 0.8

Full changelog follows:

  • fixed: GBC speed change did not work for some games (like Mario Bros Deluxe)
  • fixed: interrupt priority
  • fixed: corrected timers interrupt frequency
  • fixed: tile in foreground color 0 is transparent
  • added: preliminary sound emulation
  • added: auto save on exit to rom menu