• changed: optimized software renderer
  • changed: optimized cpu core
  • fixed: multiplayer pad reading in SGB games (Battle Arena Toshinden and others)


  • changed: updated devkitARM and associated libraries to r21
  • fixed: STOP opcode (fixes Konami Collection 2 JP & 4 JP)
  • fixed: found and reverted patch that caused problem with pumpkin level in Mario Land 2
  • fixed: another change in interrupt handling to fix Monster Rancher Explorer
  • fixed: palette change effects
  • fixed: interrupt enable register, fixes graphic glitches in Pokemon Pinball and Donkey Kong
  • fixed: DAA opcode flags
  • added: Super GameBoy borders and coloring support
  • added: rumble emulation with slot 2 rumble pak
  • added: menu
  • added: green color scheme for classic gb
  • added: configurable x/y key functions
  • added: save states


  • fixed: joypad register emulation (fixes Wario Blast)
  • fixed: GBC hdma (fixes Pokemon Crystal graphics)
  • fixed: interrupt flags emulation (fixes Bouble Bobble)
  • fixed: V-blank interrupt timing (fixes Altered Space)
  • fixed: split window emulation (fixes Donkey Kong graphics)
  • fixed: GB timer initialization (fixes Pokemon Pinball)
  • added: fake serial interrupts (fixes many early games)
  • added: RTC emulation
  • added: pseudo bilinear upscaling mode


  • fixed: GBC speed change did not work for some games (like Mario Bros Deluxe)
  • fixed: interrupt priority
  • fixed: corrected timers interrupt frequency
  • fixed: tile in foreground color 0 is transparent
  • added: preliminary sound emulation
  • added: auto save on exit to rom menu


  • fixed: less interscreen video glitches
  • fixed: correct flag bits locations, helps Zelda Oracle of Ages
  • fixed: window size overflow, helps with menu in both Zelda Oracles
  • added: 60fps emulation speed sync
  • added: fast mode with L button
  • changed: cpu emulation optimizations, more games run fullspeed


  • changed: new faster display method (with triple buffering), may cause visual glitches with games using pallette based effects
  • added: fps display
  • fixed(?): video modes emulation, helps for some games but messes with others
  • added: rom selection menu sorting, key repeat and position history
  • fixed: inverted GBC sprite priorities


  • fix for Zelda Oracle hang after first screen
  • implemented GBC tile in foreground priority attribute (needed for Zelda Oracle)


  • “ADD SP, #xx” instruction fix, (helps for many games including Pokemon Card 2)
  • CGB HDMA bug fixed
  • MBC type 0x13 correctly recognized (now save works in Pokemon Red/Green/Blue)
  • added some powersaving when NDS closed during emulation


  • zipped rom support

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