Lameboy DS 0.9

Here it comes. Not as many fixes as I expected to put in this release, but did not want to delay it any longer. There is no change to sound core so don’t expect any improvement there.

Remember what I said about no hardware bilinear upscaling in NDS in the last note? Actually I was wrong – you can get it with some simple tricks. So now you can toggle between no scaling / nearest neighbour / bilinear with Y button.

Lamboy DS 0.9


  • fixed: joypad register emulation (fixes Wario Blast)
  • fixed: GBC hdma (fixes Pokemon Crystal graphics)
  • fixed: interrupt flags emulation (fixes Bouble Bobble)
  • fixed: V-blank interrupt timing (fixes Altered Space)
  • fixed: split window emulation (fixes Donkey Kong graphics)
  • fixed: GB timer initialization (fixes Pokemon Pinball)
  • added: fake serial interrupts (fixes many early games)
  • added: RTC emulation
  • added: pseudo bilinear upscaling mode

RTC feature needs more explanation. I tested it with only one game – Pokemon Crystal, so it can be considered beta. The emulated time is always synchronized to NDS RTC and not affected by fast mode. It’s the same behaviour as in VBA and opposite to GNUBoy’s. Also save style is compatible to VBA, with one issue: I think there is no way to check time zone in NDS (as it is not set) so I fixed it to +2h. If your timezone is different you will get timeshift between Lameboy and VBA.