Lameboy DS 0.9

Here it comes. Not as many fixes as I expected to put in this release, but did not want to delay it any longer. There is no change to sound core so don’t expect any improvement there.

Remember what I said about no hardware bilinear upscaling in NDS in the last note? Actually I was wrong – you can get it with some simple tricks. So now you can toggle between no scaling / nearest neighbour / bilinear with Y button.

Lamboy DS 0.9


  • fixed: joypad register emulation (fixes Wario Blast)
  • fixed: GBC hdma (fixes Pokemon Crystal graphics)
  • fixed: interrupt flags emulation (fixes Bouble Bobble)
  • fixed: V-blank interrupt timing (fixes Altered Space)
  • fixed: split window emulation (fixes Donkey Kong graphics)
  • fixed: GB timer initialization (fixes Pokemon Pinball)
  • added: fake serial interrupts (fixes many early games)
  • added: RTC emulation
  • added: pseudo bilinear upscaling mode

RTC feature needs more explanation. I tested it with only one game – Pokemon Crystal, so it can be considered beta. The emulated time is always synchronized to NDS RTC and not affected by fast mode. It’s the same behaviour as in VBA and opposite to GNUBoy’s. Also save style is compatible to VBA, with one issue: I think there is no way to check time zone in NDS (as it is not set) so I fixed it to +2h. If your timezone is different you will get timeshift between Lameboy and VBA.

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Few bugs:
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Gameboy Adventure (UE) [!].gb – sound pitch wonky.
Volley Fire (J).gb – flickering graphics.

There’s three main things I want to happen with this emu:

THE B must be Y and the A must be B, this NEEDS to happen, you know how many times I keep resizing the screen lol. Which by the way, the new bigger screen looks flawless!

Lufia: Legend Returns and Mario Tennis running at full speed, I know you will one day, I just love those games one the GBC.

GUI with touch screen for the poor people like me who are forced to reset the machince whenever I want to change the game because my L button, nor my R button works… (fell on the ground twice for that magic to happen)

Other than these three, I feel this GB emu’s perfect keep up the good work.

Hey, just letting you know I was really excited for this release, it’s the first GOOD GameBoy emulator for the DS. I only tested out one ROM with the emulator and it was Dragon Warrior Monsters (U). It worked ASTONISHING! I was extremely impressed with the zooming and smoothing features, the frame skip (I have a horrible tendiency to use Frame skip with RPGs, I know I’m bad), and Save state. The only problems I noticed is that if you use the frame skip it temporarly changes the MIDI file of music and kind of changes the sound of the MIDI file. It’s not that big of a problem. But the largest problem with Dragon Warrior Monsters is if you Save (In which you go the Menu, Press OPTN and go to Journal to save, it never saves. I don’t know if this emulator can simulate Battery saves yet. Also I don’t know if I missed this anywhere but I can’t figure out how to boot up save states.

Not the less, ASTONISHING release. Keep up the great work, this is the next great thing since SNEmulDS.

@Jordan H – again, the X button is not a savestate. It’s what you use after you save in-game to finalize the battery save. Save in-game and then press X or L+R to update the *.sav file, which should load automatically upon the next bootup. It might not work with a few games (Pokemon games had saving issues in the past, not anymore) but most games save fine.

It `s great I have tested several games . Some japanese games will not work,but i don`t understand that language but from the rom 1 -100. I have found two games that did not work fine.

Hollywood pinball it starts oke but then it freeze.
Pittfall beyound jungle is the back ground color not very good.

It`s a great emu for the nds

I notice a graphical glitches in rayman gbc ,rayman 2 gbc and rampage 2 gbc can you please fix it next release i would appreciate it alot.

@all mmd users

u don’t have to rename lameboy to bootme.
i just put it in a folder called emulators and it works fine.

I don’t know how to save in Pokemon Yellow… Do i save in the Pokemon menu or i press ”X” ?

@nubia: First you save in-game, as you would normally. After you’ve “saved”, you then press ‘x’ or ‘L’ + ‘R’ if you wish to save and quit. 😀

And w00t for your blog coming back, nutki! 😀 I wonder what happened? 😕

Also, to save your games, like pokemon, you save through the game’s normal save function, this will write the save to your ram, then you press X to copy that save file to your card.

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