Status update

There’s been a while since last Lameboy release, so I will give you some idea what is happening now. Also I would like to thank all you guys supporting this project on various forums. Especially Wrecking_Crew (for numerous bug reports thanks to which you have fully working Zeldas), DanTheMan (for PHWiki page) and sonicandtails (compatibilty list).

So what’s happening to Lameboy DS now. Recently I don’t have so much time for development but some things changed from 0.8. My main goal at this step is to obtain reasonable compatibility before I go to some optimizations or new features. The only new feature in next release will be probably real time clock for Pokemon games which is actually already done. I have also already did about 5 compatibility patches that make many games playable, most notably Wario Blast input problem (thanks again Wrecking Crew) and Pokemon Crystal graphic glitches and Bubble Bobble. Currently I am working on Pokemon Pinball crashes.

Lastly some comments on sugested features:

  • custom classic GB colors – planned
  • custom border – possible
  • SGB borders and coloring – planned (quite complex to do and not very fun, but the result would be nice)
  • better/bilinear upscaling – not really likely to happen as current full screen feature is a hardware thing and there is no processing power to do software scaling with fancy algorithm. on the other hand I will not remove this feature because some may like it (although I agree with Harshboy that is looks bad)
  • emulated link/IR port feature – planned (although hard to do unless someone else do generic ad-hoc networking for libwifi or libnds first, and also I would need to get my hands on another NDS)
  • GS/GG codes – planned, fairly easy but I am afraid that full implementation would ruin performance (at least when emulated the way VBA does)

If I forgot something or you have other suggestions feel free to comment.

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