Lameboy DS 0.11

This release has very short change log and does not address many of the problems pointed out in last post comments. I have managed to fix annoying SGB multi player games input problem though. Apart from this the only difference to 0.10 is emulation speed. Both video render and CPU interpreter were heavily optimized. Sadly some games still won’t do its 60fps.

Since majority of the code base was touched in process of optimization there can be some regression in compatibility. Please report games that stopped working (or degraded in some way) with this version in comments.

Lameboy DS 0.11

Change log:

  • changed: optimized software renderer
  • changed: optimized cpu core
  • fixed: multiplayer pad reading in SGB games (Battle Arena Toshinden and others)

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still don´t work: gargoyle´s quest, home alone 1 y 2, wwf superstars and simpsons scape from camp deadly (if you could do something with this games I would be really glad, anyway I aprecciate your effort thank you)

Great work on this Nutki, many games is now reaching 60fps in areas they previously don’t. 😀

Thank you Nutki, this speed improvement is wonderful. Nearly every game I care about now runs at 59-60 FPS.

I have a feature request. Would you add a full screen scaling mode? I know it will be slightly stretched horizontally, but my eyes are not that great, so more bigger = more better.

Thank you again.

Any chance we could have an optional background for non-scaled mode? I used to use a scanned image of the GB surround in .bmp format which the emulated game would sit on top of, in an old DOS GB emulator. I’d love that for lameboy if at all possible?

Cheers for the update!

Thank you for your continuing work on this emu – the homebrew scene would be poorer without you!

I have tested Super Mario Bros Deluxe and the third Zelda games and they all work fine 🙂 (59-60FPs!)
Thank you a lot for your great job!

Can you please make L and R buttons more customizable just like the XY buttons? Say, if we put XY as turbo AB, then the R or L button would have been useful for scaling and save sram. Besides, we can always access the menu by touching the touchscreen anyway.

Also, how about pausing the game when we access the menu? That would help a lot if we are to use save-states in a tough area and not getting pawned.

These are just a few ideas I thought would be useful, and I am in no way demanding these to be implemented, keep up the great work!

Awesome release! Mario Tennis and Bust-A-Move 4 full speed (:
This is by far my favorite emulator for the DS and I use it daily.

I haven’t tested many games yet, but I’ve noticed in Kirby’s Pinball Land that Kirby jumps around a bit when the map changes to another part of the playing field.

Here are a few suggestions:
– a quick exit for the menu (B button?)
– ‘Exit’ should be changed to ‘Load ROM’ so it’s not confused with exiting the menu
– pause emulation while in the menu
– more flexible key mapping system (being able to set save state button combos would be really great!)
– 3in1 Expansion Pack compatible rumble

Oh sorry, you can in fact use the 3in1’s rumble with it as long as you set it with something like GBA ExpLoader first. Still, being able to use it without doing so would be more convenient but not necessary because so few games actually use it.


Thank you so much for programming this! I, and I’m sure countless others, appreciate you and your hard work!

Thanks again!


Awesome release, many thanks. Haven’t run into any compatibility issues so far, but I do have just a few requests.

1. Being able to map B and A to the Y and B buttons respectively would be great. With my large hands, I find that using Y and B is much easier than B and A (I wish N would have added this feature for the GBA mode, I can’t play MMZero like I used to on my GBA). Maybe normal control customization would be the way to go on this.

2. Someway to replicate the colorized modes of the GBC for classic GB games (can’t remember if the GBA did this too), where you can pick a color scheme on boot up.

Thanks for the update!

i have some issues with sound. when i play GB games the sound is normal but when i pressed the fast forward button (L) the sound changes after that into some horrible bleep. tried it with several games (Mario Land, Megaman)

Great work Nutki! I too use this emulator on daily basis! Thanks for your continuous work, I and many others are very grateful of your efforts!
Can’t wait for the next release!


thank u nutki!! I LOVE YOUR EMULATOR!! but please, i’d love if u make keys Y/B or X/A work as keys B/A. That’s really helpful for some games like mario land. thanks again!!! :))))

Xtreme2 runs fullspeed! Happy days! =D

I wonder, will it ever be possible to add our own border? I know that’s probably asking a lot, but it would rock all socks.

Paul Masterson-
GBC BIOS files have not been ripped, ever (IIRC it’s believed to be impossible because they’re immediately bankswitched out after the logo), so nobody sans Nintendo employees can get those color schemes. The best one could do is to try and observe those colors on a GBC and just make something resembling them on the computer from scratch.

good work, now, all games are in full speed, i love you emu

PD: a suggestion, can you make the SGB optional for the next update, i want play pokemon red with the original green colors of the original gameboy, but it starts automatically with the SGB, please

It is optional. =P Cycle through Lameboy’s menu *before* loading a game, and you can turn SGB off.

I wasn’t meaning to actually rip those color schemes out or anything, they were basic anyway (Just 4 color pal swaps), just something to replicate the functionality of it. Having an extra menu or something where you could choose the 4 colors (One for each shade of grey/green) would be perfect.

Could you be thinking of the extended pallete that the SGB did (Metroid 2 is a good example)? I seem to recall that it added 4 extra colors to the games, though how they managed that, I’ll never know.

GBC also added colors the same way.

Basically, they do this by using 2 different palettes: one for sprites, and one for the background.

OMG, it’s working.. Toki Tori… :’) I almost cried when testing! Thank you for your wonderful emulator, you are the best!!!

Hey Nutki,

Your emulator is great. It runs reasonably fast now thanks to your work.

Would it be possible to implement an auto save function? It don’t think it is nice that you loose all progress when you don’t use the save option in the menu which is very hidden.

Greetz, pbt

There really aught to be an auto SRAM save feature though, even SNEmulDS has that now.

This is a good update, I tested the Zelda DX opening and it ran perfectly, not one bit of slowdown.

Every new release is a reminder that I would be lugging around 20 pounds of my original cartridges if it weren’t for you. Thank you!

I don’t even want to discuss the amount of space that takes up…

I suppose in the midst of all this (well-deserved) praise, someone should do some actual bug-reporting.

Sleep mode frequently screws up the game. In Mario Land you’ll get a bunch of junk showing up in the stage, and many other games will just lock up.

In MegaMan Xtreme2, you will get junk graphics in the floor, and sometimes also the life meters, when facing the 2-headed tank boss (2nd Research Laboratory boss, as either character). The game is still playable, so this is only a minor annoyance.

Like many others, i’d like to thank you for your great homebrew!

I have also a bug report to submit:
In Super Mario Land 2, there is a garbled sprite instead of Mario’s one on multiple maps (like on Pumpkin Zone)…


Too bad I checked this too late in the day but I’ll test it extensively after tomorrow! Thanks much, Nutki!

few things I’d love to see are 1. the ability to change which button the double speed is set to (nearly broke my R button… 2. the ability to simultaneously press start and select at the same time (only way to save in zelda…) 3. (and this is more of a wish than anything) the ability to have two roms running simultaneously on one DS (so I can get all the pokemon without cheating…)

I tested it with a few games and am amazed how smoothly everything is running now. Thanks a lot for the great work.

Hi Nutki. I’ ve been visiting your blog waiting for an update everyday 🙂
I tried out 0.11 and I think it’ s a great improvement: Donkey Kong Country now runs at 55-60 FPS against 45 of the previous version.
Still, Mario Land 2 has that damn boss rooms glitch that is very annoying, it would be great to get rid of it. You did a great job, keep up the awesome project!

A new version why? …. if it continues without the game of the BART SIMPSONS SCAPE FROM CAMP DEADLY works!

Arrange it and leave you already of bilges!!!!

The only thing that matters is that the emulator makes work this game, and the rest they are alone bilges!!!!!


Yeah, about the buttons: It seems that no matter how many times I set it, X/Y refuses to STAY at Turbo A/B. I have to set it each time I turn on LameBoy, even though every other configuration I change stays…

I haven’t been able to test it out much, but as a confirmation, King of Fighters and Wario Land work now with SGB mode (but that’s… obvious).

I also tried out Crystalis and its titlescreen still has glitches. Nothing to worry about, since the game is playable… But maybe fixing the title screen can help fix other graphical glitches in other games?

I also tried playing Conker’s Pocket Adventure (or something like that) but it didn’t load. Just gave a blank, black screen. I haven’t tried putting it out of a zip file.

And that’s as much as I’ve done. I’ve been having exams right now so yeah.

Well, I tried Conker’s Pocket Tales unzipped and it still didn’t play. Just the black screen.

I also tried out Super Robot Pinball and now some sprites, as the game is transitioning (like the screen is fading or something), some sprites get their transparencies colored (like when I destroyed Attack Zaku III, there was a bunch of yellow around it). This hasn’t happened before v0.11. The slot minigame’s sprites are also still missing but that’s been an issue since v0.9 and its like it renders the game unplayable. 😛

Still, the coloring-transparency thing… I’ve seen it in other games too, just can’t recall which. Like I said above, exams are taking up much of my time, so I can’t test much… This Saturday though… >:D Heh heh heh… I’ll try out every GB/C game I have.

Oh hey, Pokémon Pinball doesn’t have the weird graphic-glitch box anymore when the ball is released! 😀

And Resident Evil Gaiden is going at 60 fps! w00t!

Donald Duck Goin’ Quackers still has that crazy graphics glitch where no sprites are displayed, just the background. I guess it adds some difficulty to the game. O_O

Actually, I kinda noticed that the graphics in DDGQ flicker just like titlescreen in Crystalis. Maybe the two are related? O_o

I quickly tried a few other things but nothing seems to be noteworthy or has been posted before (Super Mario Land 2’s boss battle glitches).

umm sorry for noobie question but do I DLDI it cause some how it makes errors in my SCSD rumble

Alone in the Dark – The New Nightmare it still freezing when select language, please if you can fix this I’ll be really pleased.Nutki this is the best emulator for GB/GBC games on the DS, great work.Continue :):)

Pokemon Yellow: SGB problems. Whatever you did for this version, killed SGB compatibility, meaning Sound but no picture.

Duke Nukem: No File Selection Screen, All background, but no way to tell what I’m doing.

and also in The Simpsons – Escape From Camp Deadly, game freezes when the voice over triggers (when Bart gets hit).

thx the emu’s great but i still can’t play robopon sun and im still waiting for gameshark emulation

I tried out few more games today. Noticed that in Donkey Kong Country, the background flickering problem also exists. In Donkey Kong Land, when the kongs enter a barrel and are sent off to a bonus stage, the entire screen like flickers and the you see the graphics shaking uncontrollably for a few seconds until it loads the next screen. Nothing too earth-shattering, but the DKC bug might, like I said before, be related to other games since it happens in other games too.

I don’t remember any more bugs I saw from today… I sorta “forgot” to study but I still couldn’t retain all the information I was planning to have ready for you (an excuse to keep playing!). 😛

please, instead of complaining about bug and some other stories, give thanks to the author for making this emu!! you are too ungrateful!

Yay, no more slowdowns in Zelda. However, I did notice a slight graphical glitch similar to the flashing/blinking described by others on the status bar when going in/out of houses. It only happens rarely, and it’s not a big deal. (Oracle of Time, BTW) I don’t believe it was there in the previous version.

@dani: People aren’t complaining about bugs to be ungrateful to the author, but rather to let the author know what’s wrong so it can be fixed in a later update. I bet everyone here is extremely grateful for this emu; I know I am. Thanks for making such a great emu!

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