Lameboy DS 0.11

This release has very short change log and does not address many of the problems pointed out in last post comments. I have managed to fix annoying SGB multi player games input problem though. Apart from this the only difference to 0.10 is emulation speed. Both video render and CPU interpreter were heavily optimized. Sadly some games still won’t do its 60fps.

Since majority of the code base was touched in process of optimization there can be some regression in compatibility. Please report games that stopped working (or degraded in some way) with this version in comments.

Lameboy DS 0.11

Change log:

  • changed: optimized software renderer
  • changed: optimized cpu core
  • fixed: multiplayer pad reading in SGB games (Battle Arena Toshinden and others)

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Tauwasser, you sure you’re not thinking of the DMG (aka original Game Boy) BIOS file? I know that one was read bit-by-bit with a microscope, but it was my impression that nobody was able to figure out how to make the bits readable enough on the GBC BIOS to dump it the same way. has some interesting discussion on the subject (alongside a pointless flamewar regarding the meaning of ‘binary’).

The GBC BIOS you have might be from Pokemon Stadium, which appears to be more of a dummy than a genuine BIOS. See for more info on that.

# Wrecking_Crew: I simply thank you because you cared to translate for other people XD.
BTW I didn’ t know that lameboy 0.8 or below player SML2 flawlessly…Why does it screw up now? duh..

HCK: Ah, 😛 I thought it would help since English isn’t everyone’s first language and isn’t necessarily everyone’s second language either. :3

You’d have to ask nutki why SML2 is not working correctly now. Maybe he doesn’t even know yet. I guess with the optimization, he broke whatever let SML2 work. Either way, I’m confident nutki will somehow figure out what the problem with SML2 is, so no worries. Perhaps he’s already fixed it while I wrote this comment! O_O

Does anyone know when the next version will be released? Perhaps already with SML2 fixed…

OK thanks. Ive got another question. It has nothing to do with the lameboy, but I searched with google a lot and ive no idea where else to ask. I use the GBA Backup Tool v.0.1. I wanna readout the savegames of my original GBA cardriges. When I use MarioKartSuperCircuit f.e. it says it ould be a FLASH 512K Save Type and its works perfectly. But when I wanna readout Yoshi’s Island or Zelda-Minish Cap it says it would be an EEPROM Save Type and the option “New SAV file create” isn’t available in the menu. Has anyone here an idea what to do or where to ask my question to get my savegames out of this cardridges? Would be great, and sorry for the offtopic post.
Kind regards.

whiteprince: I’ m not sure since I don’ t use such a backup program but I think “SENDSAVE” by CHISHM could help you.
Look for it at DrunkenCoders.

At first thanks for that tip. But it seems SENDSAVE is a program for which you need a GBA and a special cable. My tool is simply used in the DS. Insert a GBA cardridge into the SLOT2 and run the Program via Cyclo or such a Chip. So its quite Easy to use. But unfortunately as describted above it doesn’t work for my Zelda and Yoshi’s Island. Has anyone else any ideas? Thanks so far. Kind regards

In the past few versions, there has been an issue with layering in Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The Elephant statues that appear in the Face Shrine are supposed to allow you to go behind them, instead everything that is a sprite appears in front of them. It’s rather bothersome, but not game breaking.

I may have a new idea for this wonderful emulator: Could you add a Wifi-Connect system to play link cable games over wifi?
That would be great, but it might take a lot of time to develope this.

I was playing Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX and I had closed the lid of the DS (i think this is where the problem may have started). I had beat the game and had kept using many save states and different slots, but they were all working just fine. Turning off my system and turning it on again later on, i find that ALL my files on the 2gig micro SD card are gone and have been replaced with files that say “DDD” and “lbs05”.

They barely take up any space but the whole SD card is filled, or so that’s what the system says. -___-.

I’m using Lameboy v.11 in an R4 with a 2gig MicroSD card.
If you could please fix the “lid close” bug, or make it safer, i’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

(without ur hard work I would never have been able to play alot of my favorite gameboy games. THANK!)

Super Mario Land 2 Pumpkin Zone last level boss room glitches out, instead of being 3 cauldrons with 2 witches appearing there is a bunch of blocks and an uncontrollable Mario moving over and over across the screen.

In Pokémon BLUE and RED:
In the battles,all my Pokémon,the other trainer’s Pokémon and trainers are GREEN and YELLOW with the SGB mode,and haven’t their real colors.

In Pokémon YELLOW:
Pikachu’s voice doesn’t work correctly.

Mr. Do! – does nto pass main screen
Hercules – no music
Fortress of Fear – game pauses but cannot be unpaused
Double Dragon 3 – game intro keeps scrolling no matter how many times you press START it ignores it
Super Mario Land 2 – Zone graphical garbling, boss area visual glitches with looping at Pumpkin Zone boss
Pokemon Puzzle – graphical glitches during puzzle
Simpsons Bart vs Juggernauts – no sound or music

Tomb Raider games looks better (minor problems fixed), but the images prior to the levels … (Auch! My eyes!)

I find a little problem. I set SGB off and save settings but, when I run the emulator after turn off the NDS, the games starts with SGM. I need to turn it on and off again to disable this option (only 1 time)

I can’t save in the Japanese version of Kirby’s Dreamland 2 – everything appears to be fine but the next time I play the game, when I select the save slot, “load” does not un-grey itself. I’m not sure if this occurs in the North American version of the game.

Keep up the great work!

Dam I am starting to get really scared. For 0.10 to come out it took about a year and I assume the gap between 0.9 and 0.10 the project was dead. Then we got 0.10 and within a month we got 0.11. Since 0.11 it has been nearly four months. Is this project dead again. Please nutki revive it if it is. This is the best gameboy/color emulator there is and it would be awesome to see the project keep going until nintendo is next portable. I can’t wait for 0.12 since if it is released assuming you read all these people’s requests it’s gonna kick ass. I have some requests of my own though. (not necessarily all for 0.12 but maybe 0.13 and later also I don’t want to pressure you.)

1. Change the bottom screen to something like nesds with tabs at the top you can touch to make everything easier to navigate.
2. In the new menu add a new tab called options which gives you choices to do things like; turn off the bottom screen, brightness control.
3. (This would definitely be a big job to do but would be really great if you added it in, I’ve seen it done before and your homebrew could use it really well.) Add a new tab called wifi and in that tab add options like; check for update/update.
4. Fix errors that people have listed above if not in one release gradually over many releases (so we know the project isn’t dead.)
5. On the site you could add a donations thing that works through paypal so you could make some money out of this but not force us to pay.
6. Add a new feature for reversing the game like nesds has. Use the R button to fast forward and L button to reverse. (or x and y)
7. Add the ability to do custom controls so you could replace the default B button and use the L button instead if a person wanted to.


I’m not trying to be mean. (I’m extremely grateful.)

Best GBC emulator on DS!

But, please make 0.12 soon and have the game fit the entire ds screen.

When will there be a new update?
Could you add more “Save Slots”, like 30 or more?

A filter-method like Super Eagle for VBA should be also cool!

I hope you’ll keep LameBoy updated! And thank you for your great job!

just a few bugs i’ve noticed, mostly with weird unlicensed games, but some others-
Mr.Driller, Fire Dragon, Rainbow Prince, Mark of the Wolves, Kid Dracula – no sound
Jurassic Boy 2 – doesn’t finish loading
..and that’s it! great job on the emulator, anyways

Nicholas said something about nesDS’s menu. I hate it. With a passion. I try saving sram and instead I save a state. I try fixing the buttons back to B = B, A = A and I disable fast fowarding/rewinding… A total pain…

I like Lameboy’s current menu. Easy to use and no touch screen madness.


NesDs’ s menu sucks ass and it made me swear to god a lot of times. I’ m going to hell for its fault 😀

there’s a bug in Sword of Hope 1 and 2 where the title music is inaccurately played.

Hi. Great emulator. Just a quick note on compatibility: GARGOYLE’S QUEST crashes when your character dies. I checked compatibility lists and the game isn’t actually listed. Which is odd. Anyway, it’s an easy to reproduce glitch. Normally you have 2 energy points and 2 lives. But when emulating it on Lameboy the game crashes when you die the first time, resulting in garbled text and freezing. Any chance that later updates could be tweaked for GARGOYLE’S QUEST? Many thanks. 🙂

It does appear that SGB colours are not working correctly in Pokémon games. I took a quick screenshot to show how it looks:

It seems to be a matter of only one palette being applied to the screen at a time, while the actual SGB allowed multiple palettes at the same time.

Not sure if HTML is allowed here, but if not, I’m sure you can salvage the link out of it. :p

Great update! A small imput I have; the backlit of one of the screens could turn off when the game is loaded. If the player wants to check fps he could touch the screen to turn it on. Just for the batery’s sake.

You are listed to my donations

Hoi, that’s so true! I remember now! *hits head on wall* How could I have forgotten how Pokemon looks like on the SGB?! I HAVE FAILED!

Anyone knows when Lameboy 0.12 will be released?I can’t wait anymore for playing a very games that doesn’t works.Nutki great work.

When can we expect to see v. 0.12 possibly with:

1. full screen
2. higher compatibility
3. less graphical glitches


I want multiplayer in the next version.
with poke crystal I want to tarade with my poke red and gold please
can you do that?

Hey, when I play my Pokemon Yellow and I save..when I try to play again, it doesn’t give me an option to continue. It only lets me start a new game, any ideas? Thanks

Am I the only one who has the entire thing lock up when I try to save state? Happens every time on every ROM I have.

I’m using Supercard Lite Slot 2 (non rumble) Micro SD. That’s also what I’ve patched the Lameboy nds file for. I’ve tried 2 different patches just to be sure and it’s the same result.

Anthony: Even if you save in the game, you need to go into the emulator’s menu and select save game (or simply press X after you save your game).

Vinnie D.: D: That stinks… Maybe Lameboy doesn’t run so well with your card? :/ Maybe Nutki will look into that if he has access to a Supercard Lite Slot 2…? Can you at least save your game?

Wrecking Crew:
The only thing that saves without locking up is saving settings. Everything else will cause a lockup.
Fortunately I found that it does work flawlessly in Supercard Slot 1 even without patching. Since I have both, for now I’ll just use slot 1 but the way I have things set up I otherwise keep only keep big files on slot 1 due to hits SDHC support, so that one is mostly movies and music. I was hoping to keep all my emulators and software on slot 2 for the sake of keeping everything neat and organized.

This will do for now, but of course a lot of people don’t have access to both.

Pocket Bomberman doesnt work with this emulator.

Lo siento si mi ingles no esta muy currado, pero esque soy erspañol.
Es un emulador fantastico, gracias.

You should really enter the nds hombrew bounty at gbatemp, You just have to enter a major improvment(i.e next version of lameboy I would presume), you might have a good chance to win that contest.

No news about LameboyDS 0.12? Maybe nutki don’t continue with this project?If anyone knows anything about the LameboyDS 0.12 or information who nutki can say you, please, post it.Thanks for all.

I personally like this emulator very much. But the only flaw that I found is it can’t run any 32 Mbit games(Dragon Quest Monsters II, Dragon Quest III etc). But other than that, it is still a very well made emulator on DS. Good work.

In Oracle of Seasons there is a feature that can only be accessed if the game is being played in a GBA. As in, the original cartridge would detect that the system that is being used is a Game Boy Advance and would allow users to access this feature.

Possibly a mode that allows switching between GBA and GBC modes?

(P.S. This is by far the most awesome piece of homebrew code ever. It made my day.)

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